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  • St. Isaac's cathedral
    St. Isaac's cathedral
    4-th biggest church in the world (measured by the volume of a dome)and a model for the dome of the Capitol in Washington, DC
    1st in the world church measured by total weight of jewel, semi-jewel and other precious stones used for its decorating. Imagine More than 20 tons of Urals Malachite and Afghan lapis lazuli taken from the oldest mines in the world that age is more than 7,000 years is added to more than 4 thousand tons of selected Karelian granite and marble, – this all will not leave you indifferent .... It took 400 kg of gold of highest probe to decorate this cathedral! The dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral - is the only one in Russia that is really preserved from the times of Russian Empire: the architect used a unique technology of mercury welding for gold thas was stucked that much strong that even the Bolsheviks could not tear it down; the dark industrial dyes covering the dome during the WWII period was removed without damaging the gold coverage of the dome. 102 metered neoclassical stone cathedral stands proudly on the bank of Neva river and in the very heart of St. Petersburg, - it represents the most famous edifice of his famous architect, sir Montferrand.
  • The Hermitage
    The Hermitage
    It is often associated with the Winter palace
    There is no person on the world who would both regarded himself or herself as a cultured person and who would never desire to visit this place at least once….. The biggest museum in the world that has many branches all over the world holding the most precious part of its collection right here, in Russia, in the city of St. .Petersburg. Do not be sad if you were not able to visit the entire Hermitage :-). There is no person on this planet who would have ever seen the entire collection of this museum :-). Only a part of its works is represented as exhibition items in its halls, - the most part of its items are stored in special storage facilities and restoration workshops of the Hermitage. It is estimated that if you spend just 5 minutes to learn each subject in the Hermitage - you only need 120 years to see all of its collection! Start your way to the 1000 miles with the correct step – visiting the Hermitage. Be sure to visit the Arch of the General Staff also, - this is a new branch of the State Hermitage museum….
  • Faberge museum
    Faberge museum
    + Don’t forget to make a photo of famous Faberge house either; make a good shot positioning at house number 17, Bolshaya Morskaya (Big Marine) street (make your photos of the beautiful building staying across this street).
    Unfortunately, Faberge Museum and Faberge house – are different places .... Hermitage boasts exhibiting the so-called Rothschild’s Egg. But the things you’ll see inside the Faberge Museum, the Shuvalov’s Palace, will turn all your outlook regarding the Russian jewelry art! The museum is well guarded, so you can get there by appointment only. It is better to sign up for at least 1-2 days before the tour :-). There is no other place in St. Petersburg to have the same concentration of cult jewelery at every square meter.
  • Kazan cathedral
    Kazan cathedral
    Built in honor of the victory over Napoleon
    Kazan Cathedral – is not just the place of Marshal Kutuzov’s grave (this is a person who won Napoleon in Russia and in Europe having only 1/3 of Napoleon’s army); – this place also keeps a deep idea inside its walls. This idea was borrowed fromSt. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican as the main idea of the Christian world. The dome symbolizes the head of the Child Jesus, a small building of cathedral symbolizes his body (the building seems to be a miniature due to the correct proportions). The building is expanded by 2 column rows’ semi-circles symbolizing the hands of baby Jesus, stretching forward the whole world. Cathedral Arches optically expand this actually relatively small building – this represents a deep symbolical idea of the fragility of our terrestrian world. Fountain between 2 columns’ rows symbolizes the source of life and the Divine Wisdom brought by the four Ghospelists. Eastern altar is dedicated to the Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. It contains an icon that has created many miracles for mere people .... After leaving this place – you should feel peace inside your soul…. This is the concept of this place.
  • Savior on spilled blood
    Savior on spilled blood
    built upon the exact place of assasination of Alexander II, the Russian Emperor killed by 3 ready-for-suicide bombing-terrorists at 1881
    There is no place better to see the edifice of the Really Russian style of architecture. Every square millimeter was not finished untill it reached a perfect condition; every smallest detail will make you ask yourself if there is something more beautiful than this place…. There is no sence what will you reply to this question, - this place will stay in your memory for sure. The inner idea of the church reflects the spirit of Orthodoxy itself: beauty is designed to create a feeling of proximity to the heavenly Kingdom. Looking here - any "infidel" must cease his or her doubts regarding the existence of God. This is the profound idea of the architect, Mr. A. Parland, who brought this idea to life by building this beautiful church. Many tourists say that it is the place in which they fall in love at first sight ....
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress
    Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress
    Placed at Rabbit Island (Zayachy Ostrov)
    Classical fortress, built in the Giulio Parigi’s style applicated in his manuscript, was designed to protect the most important city of the Russian Empire. Actually, the foundation of St. Petersburg got started from foundation of Peter and Paul cathedral and fortress. Top famous XVIII century Italian-Swiss architect Domenico Trezzini did his best at designing this place. Building this fortress marked the final adoption of this land taken from the mighty Sweish Empire. Foundation of this place also meant the creation of the New State – the Russian Empire. The entire 200 years of the Russian Empire history gone under the mighty shadow of this fortress, that was the main defence fort of the then Emperial capital, the city of St. Petersburg….
  • Spit of Vasilyevsky Island
    Spit of Vasilyevsky Island
    and the Rostral columns too :-)
    This was a period started at 1804 and ended at 1816 when sir Thomas de Thomon created the modern look of this place. The main concept brought by this famous at his time architect was to show the Russian Empire’s domination on the rivers and seas with stylized rostra (Latin: captured nose parts of the defeated ships), and mythological sculptures representing the greatest, in the opinion of the architect, Russian Rivers: Neva, Volkhov, Volga, Dnieper. A spiral staircase inside the column led to the top, where the fireplace was arranged: at first, they fired hemp oil, then whale oil, then electric lamps and, in the end, modern gas torches. In the 19th century the columns had an additional significance serving as lighthouses for the city’s then main port place (now it is removed to other places). XX and XXI centuries gave a new significance to these coulmns: they light them on the most notable dates in the history of the city and Russia...
  • St. Michael's castle
    St. Michael's castle
    Once upon a time it was a part a part of the Summer garden and the so-called Golden Hills
    It's Emperor Paul’s favorite Castle; this Emperor rejected all written drawings and Loved the model brought to him by V. Bazhenov. Paul dreamed of this castle, but being out of favor with then-Russian Empress Catherine II he was unable to make this dream come true right untill the sudden death of the empress and his accession to the Russian Throne…. The name of the castle is connected with the Christian name of Archangel Michael who is believed to be The Commander in chief of the heaven troops. Paul had never seen his castle finished as he was killed on March 12, 1801; this was just about 6 months after he replaced to here for living in the then unfinished but yet consecrated castle. It is believed that Paul's death could be caused by his own son, Alexander, becoming this way the next Emperor of Russia ....
  • Konstantinovsky Palace
    Konstantinovsky Palace (of Congresses)
    For a long time it was nothing more but just ruins.....
    Fully restored in 2003 palace is a miracle of modern architecture of St. Petersburg; it perfectly fits the architecture of the city suburbs. Luxurious interior, gorgeous garden, lots of stylized reliefs and modern works of art make this place a worthy modern residence for the President. Preliminary pre-registration before your visit is strongly required….
  • Peterhof
    Wonderful palace and park complex, and even a town
    It was September 13, 1705 when the Finnish countryside Kuusoja (Spruce creek) and Pohjajoki (North River) became the suburban port of St. Petersburg, and yet in 1714 - they were replaced by the construction site for the Peterhof ensemble. Peter had grandiose ambitions: after visiting Versailles - he said - "I will have a much better palace ... " So there was a long-term construction on the site of the modern palace of Constantine, which was abandoned for making His Majesty’s Peterhof residence in 1714. Construction ended completely in the middle of the 18th century, forming a modern look .... A wonderful ensemble called "The Russian Versailles" will not leave you indifferent to this special place ....
  • Oranienbaum
    Wonderful palace and park complex, UNESCO Heritage place
    This land was among numerous presents made to Mr. A. Menshikov by Peter the Great made in 1711. This gift revoked back in 1727 and this land was confiscated by the state. It was 1743 when the palace receives its most famous owner - the future Emperor Paul I, who lived here for almost 20 years of his life. Catherine II also builds herself a summer residence not far away from this palace. The palace and Oranienbaum itself were then transmitted to the future Emperor Alexander I in 1796, just after Paul became the new Russian Emperor. Oranienbaum – is a suburb of St. Petersburg, and it is the only fully preserved place since the pre-revolutionary times, as this city was not suffered during the Soviet period, including the period of the WWII Oranienbaum occupation ....
  • St. Petersburg Island Parks
    St. Petersburg Island Parks
    include Krestovsky, Yelagin and Stone Island
    Every tourist marks a special beauty and atmosphere of these places: you will be immersed in a quiet atmosphere of the parks, while, at the same time, you are in the heart of the bustling metropolis, which seems to be still somewhere far away .... The most elite real estate of St. Petersburg blends harmoniously with the natural ensemble of these places. Each island is different, sometimes may seem slightly different, but different from every previous one. It is nice to spend time in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, but fans of extreme tourism will also find there some places; a good place for spending time with your kids ...
  • Theatres of St. Petersburg
    Theatres of St. Petersburg
    Mariinsky, BDT, Comedy, Alexandrinsky and many other theaters are waiting for you...
    The famous Russian culture is unthinkable without the theatrical art, famous all over the world. During around the world tours of St. Petersburg's leading troupes - tickets are sold out months before the primes themselves! You, Dear tourist, have the opportunity to visit all of that perfomances the entire civilized world desires to see, being right here, in the homeland of the Russian theater, but without having such difficulties with tickets that the audience has from America to Australia ...
  • Literary places of St. Petersburg
    Literary places of St. Petersburg
    Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Akhmatova and other literary invented Cities of St. Petersburg will appear in front of you.....
    The Queen of Spades of Alexander Pushkin, the heroes of novels of Dostoevsky, the protagonists of Nikolai Gogol, Anna Akhmatova and endless numbers of famous literary figures, - they all lived in St. Petersburg. From a classic and a bit windy Petersburg described by Pushkin, you can get into the house-wells in which lived the heroes of Dostoevsky, then you may walk down the "tragic" streets of St. Petersburg of Soviet repression times described by Anna Akhmatova and get off at St. Petersburg of modern writers .....