Regional Rescue Service

Police (free): 380-91-19 (multichannel) 545-47-45, 545-35-18

EMERCOM — 112 — a single emergency number for calls from mobile phones in emergency situations (calls can be made even without a SIM card, no money in the account and lock the keypad of the phone)

SOS phone — 01

Emergency situations in everyday life

If you smell gas call 04
Any damage to street lighting 312-95-94
Damage to the cold running water pipes 305-09-09
Damage to the hot running water pipes 315-13-13
Cable network 494-36-80
Информационный центра ГУП «ТЭК СПб» 334-30-80
Information center of State Corp. Fuel-Energy-Complex (TEC SPb) 004



Centre for the reception of citizens on all issues related to the quality of utilities services provided by any city structure - 004

"Hot line" "Vodokanal St. Petersburg" (City water supply Service) 305-09-09
"Hotline" GDO "PeterburgGaz" (City Gas supply cervice) 610-04-04
Claim Service "GUP Transport Organizer" (public transportation system) 576-55-55

Call to duty assistants of heads of district administrations

Admiralteysky district 316-00-50
Vasileostrovsky district 323-63-07
Vyborg district 576-56-09
Kalinin district 542-24-34
Kirovsky district 252-00-21
Kolpino district 461-44-51
Krasnogvardeyskiy district 227-43-64
Krasnoselsky district 736-86-02
Kronstadt district 576-90-11
The resort area (Kyrortny district) 437-10-02
Moscow district 388-36-55
Nevsky district 560-00-27
Petrograd district 232-65-62
Petrodvorets district 450-66-26
Primorsky district 430-42-48
Pushkin town district 466-62-81
Central Saint-Petersburg District 274-23-10
Frunze district 709-61-70


POLICE: Main Department of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

The official Internet resource of the police department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad- http://78.mvd.ru/

Background Police Service 573-26-76
Internal Security Department of trust 541-02-02 — POLICE
the Criminal Investigation Department hotline 573-21-77
Head of the protection of public order 573-23-22


If you have seen any suspicious persons and objects - this can be reported on a special phone:

police 573-21-81,
The police department hotline 573-21-84
Police helpline (free) 573-21-81
Call service FSB (Russian FBI) 438-71-10
Helpline FSB (Russian FBI) 438-69-93
Russian Federal Service for Drug Controlof the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region 275-06-51
Hotline (24/7) 714-45-63


Civil Defence, Emergencies and Fire Safety for Law, Order and Security Committee Department
Address: Razyezzhaya Street bd. 26/28
Phone operational monitoring and forecasting sector duty 575-75-57

Federal Bailiffs Service, helpline: 571-79-87


St. Petersburg City Court: 273-10-81
The Regional Court273-08-26
Charter Court of St. Petersburg
Justices of the Peace of St. Petersburg

Prosecutor's office

City prosecutors312-81-90
The regional prosecutor's office542-02-45


The Presidium of the St. Petersburg Bar Association; Attorneys St. Petersburg Chamber:: 713-14-03
The Presidium of the Leningrad Regional College273-00-86
The International Bar Association«St. Petersburg» 275-10-71

DSTP (Traffic Police – Russian GIBDD)

Helpline 335-43-80
Phone for questions about the activities of GIBDD234-90-21
http://www.78.gibdd.ru — site of the Office of Traffic Police Directorate of Russia in St. Petersburg n and Leningrad region


City ambulance station - 03

http://www.03spb.ru - AmbulanceSaint-Petersburg


Medical Insurance center Regional Foundation, St. Petersburg : 703-7-301,

«Hot line» 346-35-70
Reference about the presence of medicines in the city 635-55-66
Duty chemist and drugstore 314-54-01
Addiction Helpline 714-42-10
Helpline for adults, children and adolescents 476-71-04


Municipal Referral Service "Health City" (multi) 635-55-63
(Information about addresses, phones of therapeutic and preventive medical institutions of the cityof St. Petersburg and about the medical services provided by these agencies)

Hotline of the Health Committee of St. Petersburg: 635-55-77

Telephone claims for the city ambulance: 571-45-04

St. Petersburg regional department of the Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation

197046 St. Petersburg Bolshaya Posadskaya Street. bd.10A

For more information call: 677-87-17

Official Site- http://rofss.spb.ru/

Labour inspection in the cityof St. Petersburg

Official Site- http://git78.rostrud.ru

198095, St. Petersburg, St. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, d. 28, lit. A
Phone: (812) 746-59-86
Fax: (812) 747-37-84
e-mail: gitspb@mail.ru

Hotline: (812) 746-59-86, (812) 314-19-48, (812) 374-31-97.

Information and referral telephone to service of social protection

call 334-41-44

Information and referral telephone service is open every day, except weekends and public holidays, from 8 hours 30 minutes to 17 hours and 20 minutes. On Friday, 8 hours and 30 minutes to 16 hours 00 minutes.

Website of the City Centre for the accrual and payment of pensions and benefits http://iss.ktsz.spb.ru

Russian Federation Pension Fund Department, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Official Site - www.pfrf.ru

194214, c. St. Petersburg, pr. Engelsa, 73
Reception Manager's: tel.(812) 553-20-78, tel./факс (812) 554-08-22
for the population  - (812) 292-85-92, 292-85-56;
for policy holders- (812) 292-81-62;

Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfarein the city of St. Petersburg (Rospotrebnadzor of the city of St. Petersburg)

tel.: 764-42-38

E-mail: uprav@78rospotrebnadzor.ru


Territorial Consumer Rights Protection departmentin the city of St. Petersburg in the Nevsky and Krasnogvardeysky districts 412-56-12 to_3@78rospotrebnadzor.ru
Territorial Consumer Rights Protection department in the city of St. Petersburg in the Kirov, Petrodvorets, Krasnoselsky districts 786-12-30 to_6@78rospotrebnadzor.ru
Territorial Consumer Rights Protection department in the city of St. Petersburg in Vyborg and Kalinin districts 293-76-66 to_2@78rospotrebnadzor.ru
Territorial Consumer Rights Protection department in the city of St. Petersburg in Moscow, Frunze, Pushkin, Kolpino districts 727-72-20 to_1@78rospotrebnadzor.ru
Territorial Consumer Rights Protection department in the city of St. Petersburg in the Admiralty, Vasileostrovsky, Central districts 316-68-66 to_4@78rospotrebnadzor.ru
Territorial Consumer Rights Protection department in the city of St. Petersburg in Petrogradsky, Primorsky, Kurortny and Kronstadt districts 232-80-81 to_5@78rospotrebnadzor.ru


Consumer rights

St. Petersburg State Institution "Center for Quality Control of goods (products), works and services"

Official Site- http://www.quality.spb.ru/
Center Address: 191124, St. Petersburg, Suvorov Prospect, 65 B.
tel: (812) 274-14-30
fax: (812) 274-14-32
e-mail: mail@quality.spb.ru

Work on the appeals of customers:

Telephone "hot line":
(812) 274-12-37
(812) 274-12-41

Проведение экспертиз качества продовольственных, парфюмерно-косметических товаров, обуви, технически сложных товаров бытового назначения:
(812) 274-14-30

Carrying out quality assessments of food, perfume and beauty products, shoes, technically complex products, household purpose, St. Petersburgа

tel.: 327-80-32
fax: 272-33-48
191014, Saperny alley, 21

Addresses and phone information and counseling centers to provide services for the legal advice to consumers:

Free "Hotline": 716-96-31, 274-18-40, 993-73-99, 994-34-99, at weekends and holidays call: 994-84-99
Taurian ul., bd. 2, pom. 17H, tel. 600-79-78; 655-50-10
Nevsky pr., bd. 78, tel. 400-22-23;
Chernomorsky pr., bd. 4 litera. 102, tel. 315-74-97;
Lodigina alley, bd. 1/28, litera. 74, tel. 324-25-88, 324-25-80, 324-27-98, 324-27-96.

Centers for the shoes, clothing, non-food goods, works (services) quality examinations

Saperny per, bd. 21;
Syvorovskiy pr., bd. 65 B.

Legal information in the Russian National Library

Legal Information Center

Ostrovskogo plaza, bd. 1/3, litera # 84
t. 718-86-91

Center for economic and legal information

Moscow avenue, bd. 165, corp. 2, litera. # 3018
t. 723-97-81

e-mail: lawcenter@nlr.ru

Legal Information Center offers MFN for review (for free)  the full text of the laws of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Leningrad, bills, forms, documents, state standards, building codes and Russian standards, materials of judicial practice, comments on legal acts and others.
Texts can be printed, transferred to the electronic media.

The mentioned Center presented the database (DB) of reference and legal systems "Consultant Plus", "Garant", "Code", the official database Special Communications Service of Russia "Legislation of Russia" and the specialized databases of legal and economic information. Updating legal information daily.

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