For more than two centuries the Mariinsky Theatre has been presenting the world with a plethora of great artistes.

The Mariinsky Theatre can trace its history as far back as 1783, when a Decree on the establishment of a theatre committee “for performances and music” was published on 12 July...

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Bolshoi Drama Theatre was opened on February 15, 1919 by the F. Schiller's tragedy called "Don Carlos"; then the theatre was called as the Opera Studio of the Conservatory.

In 1964 it was awarded with the title of Academic theatre. Its Small stage was opened in 1970. Since 1992 it is named after G. Tovstonogov as BDT.

Hermitage Theatre is the oldest Winter palace complex building that is survived till nowadays. It is Built on the site of the former Palace of Peter 1.

 The theater building overlooks the Palace Embankment of the Neva River and is adjacent to the main body of the palace with arch junction through the channel connecting the river Moika with the Neva - "Winter Canal".

Big St. Petersburg State Circus is the first stone permanent circus in Russia - it was opened on December 26, 1877. It is one of the most beautiful circuses in Europe, as it was called by many artists who saw a lot of circuses on their European tours.

Circus building is a unique technical structure.

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Mikhailovsky Theatre regained the historical name in 2001; it also returned its glory of St. Petersburg’s secular musical theater in 2007. Theatre remains faithful to a centuries-old tradition; it strives to keep contemporary world theater process abreast. It renewed its ceremonial decoration of the hall and the audience, that allows theatre viewers spending their time in a very comfortable way...

September 17, 1929 is the Birthday of the Musical Comedy Theater. Yes, it is located in one of the most beautiful and oldest places in the city, created by the genius of Carlo Rossi.

More recently, the theater returned itself to its house after an overhaul. The staff has large and diverse plans, as well as the desire to preserve the love and interest of St. Petersburg audience . . .

October 18, 1942, is the most severe time of the WWII siege of St. Petersburg; but it was here to open a new theatre by performance called "Russian people" by K. Simonov. Komissarzhevskaya theater is open to new ideas.

The Theatre is a member of the New European Theatre Action.

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Decree of Empress Elizabeth in St. Petersburg Created this Theatre of tragedies and comedies.

April 2016 gives the new name: Drama Theatre of Alexander Pushkin (Alexandrinsky); it is included in the State collection of particularly valuable objects of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Drama Theatre "On Liteiny".

It was Count Sheremetev who created Drama Theatre "On Liteiny" right at the former place of former “Ancient arena”.

Theatre’s unofficial name was Theatre of horror, farce, satire and parody.

Theatre is not afraid by taking risks, because only taking risks may allow this theatre staying young!

St. Petersburg Academic Theater of Leningrad City Council has a history starting from 19th November, 1933. It was placed at the former Dutch Church building on Nevsky Prospect, 20.

"Easy Money" by Alexander Ostrovsky was its first performance. Theatre emerged as the creative energy of the inspired group of artists and continues its operating to this day. . .

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The Maly Drama Theatre was created in 1944 in Leningrad, at a time when most theatres had been evacuated from the city. Founded by decision of the Oblast Executive Committee, the theatre had neither a clear artistic program, nor its own building. The small company performed in towns and villages of the Leningrad Oblast. From time to time interesting plays were staged, but the theatre was still little-known in the city.

Saint Petersburg State Theatre of Young Spectators is one of Russia's oldest children's theater; - it opened its doors in 1922.

The repertoire of the Youth Theatre has expanded rapidly: at first it was made of fairy tales and classical pieces, then the theater began to explore contemporary drama.

Youth theater on Fontanka - is the only theater-garden in St. Petersburg; it was opened January 18, 1980 by performance "One Hundred Bestuzhev brothers" based on Boris Goller’s scenario.

Actors of the theater are directors at the same time who ably implement plans being equal to co-productions. . .

Today, with the opening of a new modern building, the theater has become a common cultural space. . .

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St. Petersburg State Children's Drama Theatre "On the Neva" was opened on September 24, 1987. In 1991 it received the status of the state and the building.

Children's Theatre under the direction of Tatiana Savenkova teaches viewers to goodness, love to neighbor, compassion; it promotes spiritual and cultural development of the younger generation.

St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Enterprise" is named after Andrei Mironov; it was established on November 1, 1988 by Rudolf Furmanov.

During the first 8 seasons the theater performances were created; it didn’t have its own stage floor, making shows on the stages of St. Petersburg theaters, often touring around Russia and abroad. Today, the theater received a very beautiful building ...

This theater works just 2 days a year, usually in September and in May! This impromptu theater involves hundreds of artists, decorators and masters of special effects. Unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday that you will remember for years to come ...

White Nights + annual opening and closing of Peterhof fountains will be an outstanding event, memorable for a lifetime ...

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